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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Discussion on Comsol Modelling

Hello All Comsol users,

This Blog is Created so that all CMOSOL Users can have a webspace for discission and COMSOL Users Across the GLOBE can Join in. We can have Discussions over Specific Issues and it is much easier to keep track of the discussions going on. As ,sometimes it is very Difficult to keep Track of discussions on yahoo group emails and some people might also face problem with there limited account space depending on which email they are using. Here all the COMSOL Users are invited to join this blog and start posting today. Also, if any one has any suggestion people feel free to post it as a comment. To join in as a memeber one just need to sign in using his/her gmail address. Looking forward to see more and more people posting in this blog.

So lets get started.


Jason Deibel said...

Thanks for setting this up! It's an excellent step forward for the COMSOL community. I look forward to reading contributions and to doing some blogging myself. Thanks.

- Jason Deibel

jessica said...

Good Job!

I am also looking forward to reading this.
Please post some quick tips for ppl who are new to modelling in comsol.
I am particularly interested in weak formulations


Fred said...

Good Idea,


Fred said...

Sometime i get " Error 0 Freedom degree", probably is a stupid question, but how can i solve this issue ?


Mayur said...

The total number of degrees of freedom is then given by
No of degrees of freedom = (No of nodes)x(No of dependent variables) ---- (i)

You can have a look at the number of elements and the total number of degrees of freedom in the Mesh Statistics dialog box. Just verify is the eqn (i) is true for ur model. I hope that might give you some clue over this problem...if you find the solution do post it on this blog.

Jason Deibel said...


I was wondering how this blog is setup? Did you have set list of contributors in mind or is it open? From the original email, it seemed as if everyone on the users group was invited? If so, something is messed up on my blogger account and I can't get setup. If you could add me, that would be great please as I have some ideas for some interesting posts.
- Jason Deibel

C2EC- Swansea said...

Hello Jason, Yeah it was open for any one to join this blog, at the same time I also sent a open Invitation to a large no. of COMSOL yahoo group memebers including you. I sent you an inviation at '', if you have any other email address which you use for blogging, please post it here I will send you a new invitation on that too, so that you can also start contributing to the blog.

Fred said...

I've checked mesh statistics, it's an extrduded mesh with:
172056 Freedom degree
Minimum quality level ~0.4

but when i run the time solver i get the error "
com.femlab.jni.FlNativeException: No degrees of freedom to solve for
No degrees of freedom to solve for

Stack trace:
at femtime.cpp, row 199, ()
at com.femlab.solver.FlSolver.femTime(Native Method)

Sorry for the long post

C2EC- Swansea said...

Hi Fred, Looking at what you have sent it seems something is wrong in time solver setting, you can try changing the solver setting ..I dont know what you are using at the moment, time harmonic solver ...etc but try changing the solver setting...actually if its coupled problem i.e if you are using Multiphysics application then it is possible for you to choose different solver setting for different modules by saving the previous values...have a look at the solver setting may be that will give you some clue...

Jason said...

My email address is

jdeibel74 AT

Jason Deibel

C2EC- Swansea said...

Hi Jason,
Invitation to join the blog as contributor has been sent to you on your gmail.

Fred said...

I wish to partecipate, if possible.

gauss.fred AT

C2EC- Swansea said...

Hi Fred,

An inviation has been sent to you. Looking forward to your blog.


Fred said...

I'm wondering if exist a way to create a distibuted network to solve some "big" problem not accessible with a single machine.


C2EC- Swansea said...

Do you mean using COMSOL ....or what ? Probably with COMSOL there will be licensing issues to use it on multiple machines will require a floating license type,,,if you know of any other way post it...


Fred said...

I mean something like Einstein@home

But focused on FEM analysis.


C2EC- Swansea said...

It does seem to be an interesting Idea, I have known about grid computing before Yeah it can be a novel idea to be used to solve FEM problems. But we need to gather more information how we can proceed for it. Probably it will be nice what other people think about it. I will soon post a blog about it or may be Fred can do that ....and will ask people who have some information about it to share with all of us.

Ser_Ubik said...

Hi! This blog is such a great idea! Please, can you help me with a little issue. I am working with the multiphysics modelling of femlab: Stokes problem. But, I need the matrices of the bilinear form, gradient and divergence to create a matlab program. Could you tell me how can I have this information in the workspace of matlab or how can I use this information to set up a program?

yasaman said...

I would like to extract the components of K with assemble command. but neither A nor C matrix give any information. Both are zero. Should I set anything or it just does not work?


Nancy said...

Hi, I am new with the comsol environment and I have a question.

I am using the chemical engineering module (comsol 3.3a) for a rotating newtonian flow.

My question is for the postprocessing. First I make an export to fem. I would like to know how to get the informations I need for some data points in the comsol script. For example I would like to have the pressure at the point x=1.23e-3 and y=1.4e-3.
I tried p(1.23e-3, 1.4e-3) but it does not work.


Peter said...

I am trying to change my boundary conditions with each iteration within the comsol scripting/matlab environment. When I use "for t=1:3", it doesn t allow me to use each iterative t value inside any of my boundary condition definitions. What do I need to do?

Pouya said...

I am new to Comsol world and I am trying to interact a TM wave with a metalic particle(subwave length).
In defyning the permitivity of the metal I am using Drude's model.
And as soon as the wave reaches the particle the program gies an error.

Can you help me in this regards, or address me who has experineces with the TM aves (Transient form).
Thanks alot


Pouya said...

And I forgot:

How can I be subscribed in this Blog?

raghu said...

can i get any libraries for complex yet standard models like spirals or meanders ?

Mattokun said...

I'm glad I found this, since I have some kind of urgent question:
I need to integrate physical models that exist in different "spaces", namely a fluid model in Fluent, a thermal model in some modeling language that I don't know yet, and an electrical system in Matlab/Simulink. I need them to work together in some sort of co-simulation, so eg. the electrical system creates heat, which the thermal system has to transfer to the fluid system, which has to take care of the dissipation/cooling, etc.
Is Comsol capable of doing this, or do all the models need to be represented in comsol? If this is the case, does anyone know another solution to my problem?
Any comment is highly appreciated.

Cath said...

Hi everyone,

I am using COMSOL and trying to solve problems using the level set method for dropets. I am not really an expert in using COMSOL so I will really appreciate if anyone can help me.

Thanks for setting up this website!


seych said...

I am trying to model a heat conduction problem with fluid flow in a very small tube (.00127 cm) with very high temperature gradients at the wall and high flow velocity. The tube is about 40 cm long. The problem I am having with this model is that to model even a fraction of the total length is more than my computational resources can handle. Is there a way that I can model 1cm of this tube, then feed the results back into COMSOL as the initial conditions for the next iteration so that I can have a relatively seemless solution from 1cm-2cm and so forth. And ultimately compile all of the results so that I have the solution for the entire tube?

CRISTINA said...

I am a beginner in working with COMSOL. And I need big help.
I want to ask how can I use a function in defining a global expression.

For example I have several functions, depending on the space: fHx, fBx, fQx =f(x), which I take it from a .txt file.

1. first question
I use them to define some other parameters. I write in global expressions like this:
fvx = fQx(x)/(fHx(x)*fBx(x))
fDx = fBx(x)/(fvx*constant)

COMSOL is computing, but I am not sure is k, because in the end when I want to plot fvx and fDx, form Global variables plot it gives an error: 8032 fvx is not a valid globla expression.
This means that there is the possibility also to compute it wrong along x axis.

I want to calculate a parameter in one point (x=103), depending on the functions I implemented. In global expression I write
c_103 = (fQx(103)*c+constant)/(fQx(103)+constant)

c is the dependent variable of the model.
The expression is computed, but I don't trust is k. The same warning when I try to plot it.

Any suggestions would be of great help!

CRISTINA said...

I am in big trubble because of this thing.
Thanks in advance for any answer.

anu said...

I am working in comsol multiphysics.I want to know how I can model a rectangular block surrounded by a current carrying coil.I want to do it in two dimensional case.Is it possible to do since it is a case of both symmetric and axisymmetric case..Please help me in modelling this...

Martin said...

Hi. I´m trying to solve a coupled general heat transfer and weakly compressible Navier Stokes model but it dooesn´t converge. Can you give some possible reasons for this.

C2EC- Swansea said...

HI Martin, you can try few things, try changing the solver settings and try some other solver, like GMRES which one are you using by the way right now. Another reason can be that you need to specify pressure at a point for model to converege check your boundary conditions. This is what I can suggest.


Martin said...

Hello. I´m back. Thanks for the suggestions. The problem now is that one of my boundary settings is heat flux. If I set a low value, the model converges but if I increase this value, the problem doesn´t converge. Hope someone has any idea about this. Thanks again.

C2EC- Swansea said...

Hi Martin, this is strange !! Such a thing should not happen, as heat flux specification is like setting a source term it shoudnt matter what the value of source is..may be someone else have an idea about it...have u tried playing around with solver setting ?? which solver are you using Direct or CG, GMRES ??

Martin said...

No I didn´t change anything in solver settings. The solver is direct(PARDISO). I have the default settings of the non isotermic flow model. Perhaps I should modify something but I am not an experienced user and I don´t know what to change.

C2EC- Swansea said...

hi martin u can fiddle with few of them is solver choose an iterative solver..there are couple of them in there and u can also set the tolerance vlues try reducing the tolerance..and see if that makes any difference. One other important thing is mesh refinment some time u migt need to refine the mesh. I dont know how ur domain is but it does happens in case of Navier stokes applications. I suggest do following things

1.) Use an iterative solver GMRES or CG

2.) Reduce the tolerance limit and see ur results

3.) Mesh refinement in critical places.

Altough best will be if I can get a look at ur model..but try these first this will help u learn about COMSOL too...

good luck

Raïssa said...

Hi everybody

I'm a new user of COMSOL. And I'm working on a conduction problem, with convective and radiative heat flux at one boundary. The geometry is quite simple: 2D rectangle. But the upper boundary is supposed to be moving with time (the thickness of the rectangle increases with an exponential law).

How do I set a heat flux boundary condition on this boundary and specify at the same time that the boundary is moving??? Should I set two dependant variables (Temperature T and thickness h) instead of just T?

Is it easier to solve such a problem on the Multiphysics interface or should I do it through the script? How?

Please help!!!

Martin said...

I will try to explain mi problem. I am trying to simulate a lab burner (Meker burner) heating a copper disc placed 50mm above the burner, choosing 2d with axial simmetry and non isotermic flow.
I define the burner with boundary settings. The top of the burner is heat flux (2000 kW/m^2)
and the side surface is isolated.
As I have said before, if I set low value of heat flux(around 1500W/m^2) the problem converges but increasing this value I can´t get a solution.
The mesh: I set free mesh parameters taking care of critical places but I can´t refine too much because of memory requirements (around 8000 elements).
The solver: I tried direct and iterative, even parametric with heat flux as parameter, but for values over 1500 W/m^2 it fails.
On the other hand I set constant values for air properties, using Boussinesq approximation to evaluate density as a temperature function but I guess it isn´t a good approach to real conditions.
So if someone of you has any idea or correction to do I would thank you. Anyway thanks for your help.

C2EC- Swansea said...

Hello Martin,

I will suggest you to post this on Comsol user yahoo group may be some one there can help you with the problem.

Good luck !!

a believer of the con... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BeccaMaria said...

Hi there, I'm trying to figure out how to solve a more complicated heat transfer question. That is, I have a hollow cylinder with an endcap that is solid. The middle of the cylinder is exposed to very cold temperature via He gas. The ends are exposed to warmer temperatures via N2 gas. This material is rather conductive and I'm having trouble figuring out how to simulate this 3D problem. It'd be really great if you could provide some hints!

C2EC- Swansea said...

Hi, Please post the comment on yahoo group for COMSOL modeling you will be able to get a better help on this matter..good luck

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am trying to solve microfluidic system of two phase flow of air and water.
But, I always meet convergence problem.
I think the mesh is OK because the minimum mesh quality is 0.94.
And I checked artificial diffusion.
The number of dof is about 4000.
What can I do to solve this problem?

My email address is: star1013 at

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
it is good to find such a blog. I think it will contribute to our comsol concerns.
i have recently faced a problem during setting up a comsol 3.4 on an intel quad core windows xp 32-bit system. Any ideas on that?

Vohra said...

Hi All,

I am trying to solve a problem where the solutions are expected to be zero for a very long time.

I have refined the mesh with the maximum element size of 0.002 and am using the GMRES method with preconditioning quality of 0.01.

However, inspite of it, the system is unable to process the solution and gives an error for residual computation citing singular matrix as the problem.

Can anyone please suggest some ways to solve the problem?

Anonymous said...

Hello,I am new in comsol. im in problem with solving.How do i solve here?My Project is to compute "Flow past a cylinder at a using comsol."Can any one help?Mail me at im in great trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hello I just started with Comsol. I needed a help for my research. I am trying to make a model of a brain with two electrodes placed in it. As the conductivity of the brain is 0.2 siemens. By doing this i want to test the electrical characteristics in brain by two electrodes. I jus dont how to model it in COMSOL. If any one can help, It would be highly appreciated by me.


Edgard said...

I was wondering if anyone knows of a pre-existing open flow model for COMSOL. I'm essentially working on sediment transport for hill-slope processes.

Ry said...

Hello everyone,

I am using the particle tracing option under post-processing parameters. When I use small particles, around 10e-14 kg, I get a very small displacement line in my fluid flow field. When I make the particle larger the solution shows the particle trace all the way till it is out of the domain, which is the default time step. Does anyone know why there is such a small displacement with smaller particles, it is not physically accurate, especially since the particle should trace all the way out of the domain. I have tried to play with the tolerance values to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

snoppydon said...

Hi all,
Pls I'm a new COMSOL user and I have a problem. I have two models: a 2D and a 3D model. I want to use the result from the 2D model as Dirichlet boundary value for the 3D model problem. Any suggestions pls?


Anonymous said...

I have a similar question to sloppydon. Need to imput a solution of a 1D problem as a boudnary condition to a 2D problem.

ibadanman said...

pls i am looking for how to use comsol to design a 2.4GHz rectangular patch antenna also how to determine the feeding system
thanx & regards

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I am student at KTH sweden.

I need deatil help about the current density setting and how to make coil in matlab and importing to COMSOL.

It will be nice if a crash course of modelling in COMSOL is offerd.

Ivan L. said...

Hi all,

I have one question. Is it possible to model compressible fluids in Comsol 3.5? I've only found weakly compressible Navier-Stokes module.

Regy said...

why the pressure does not change in the k-episilon turbulence in Comsol? I use the boundary conditions on velocity inlet and outlet pressure. What is the best solver settings for this case?

Anonymous said...

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